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How to wake up earlier if you really need it

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  • Wednesday, 23 May 2018

how to wake up earlier,, annofapril, aprilannnine

As a person who has experiences of running things as in the early morning as well as in the deep night, I can say that both times can be good for doing some stuff but I much prefer that feelings when you've done the bulk of important tasks in the morning and feel free for the rest of the day. And besides I believe the night is created for sleep, sweet dreams and proper rest.

But how to wake up earlier? This question really bothered me recently (waking up earlier is one of my May goals by the way), I couldn't recollect how I could get up from my bed at 5:30. And honestly I'm still not waking up at this time but I'd like to... to accomplish the bunch of desirable things before lunch and even breakfast.

I've read 'Miracle Morning' by Hal Elrod one or two years ago so I've decided to recollect some tips from this book and other things which helped me out before (writing the compilation of certain things is quite difficult gotta say).

Physical tricks which work but not so efficiently:
    1. Put your phone (with the alarm) in the far corner of the room where you sleep. You'll have to wake up 'cause you'll have to stand up and go. This should be good at first but then better think about your state of mind.
    2. Choose something pleasant instead of standard alarm sounds. But I much prefer wake up naturally, programming my mind the night before.
    3. Never ever tap on snoose button. It produces fatigue and indecision through the whole day. I was a chronic morning snoozer during my uni period but now I quit.
    4. Drink a glass of water right after sleep. The reason is obvious, 7-8 hours without hydration should be covered by morning glass of water. It activates necessary functions of our brain. But yes, it happens after you actually woke up.

    how to wake up earlier,, annofapril, aprilannnine

    Effective things to do:
    1. Plan the next day ahead (the previous evening).

      That's simple, in the morning your conscious mind will already know what you should do during that day. And you won't force yourself to remember what to do that's problematic due to limited room in our brain for decision-making.
    2. Prepare all necessary things (your bag, breakfast or meal-prep for the day, or other stuff) night before.

      It also unloads our mind operative system as well as the first point above.
    3. Add something enjoyable (special) in the morning.

      Favourite tea or another drink, few pages of the book which inspires you, watch a video or read a post of your fave blogger, eat square of chocolate (better dark one ofc) and so on, something which doesn't take much time 'cause it easily can turn into procrastination.
    4. Create your own morning routine which related to your needs.

      (the example of this routine is introduced by Hal Elrod, so-called 'miracle morning' routine: reading, exercising, reciting affirmations, practicing silence, visualizing daily tasks, journaling, taking care of MITs (the most important things for the day) - everyone has their own. I'm seeing his routine enough effective for maintaining good attitude for the day. At first this morning routine looks pretty overwhelmed but it depends on time you spend on tasks and besides you accoplish them in a group and in a row (chunking technique) that doesn't overburden you. This kind of routine helps to maintain the right mood for the day and when you successfully accoplishing the chuck of tasks you'll feel great anyway. While our mind still doesn't get overwhelmed by everyday chores and duties so you can efficiently complete other important tasks. You'll keep this fantastic feelings in mind after ticking off lots of stuff from your to-do list for a while so you'll definitely find the reason to wake up earlier finally.
    5. Waking up earlier is only our decision so it's up to us. 

      As I mentioned above I was a morning snoozer during the whole school and uni periods but I believe it was exactly because of a lack of determination.
    6. Think how it's amazing to arise in the early morning before others do.

      How it's terrific to wake up earlier to keep up with a lot more things than other people and enjoy this miracle silence of the beginning of the day. And how many things we could make!

      Quick overview of potential morning routine (everyone can change the order on own taste) :

      1. Wake up, drink water, brush your teeth.
      2. Read a few pages of a good book (much prefer about self-growth).
      3. Exercise for 10-15 minites, take a shower (practicing silence at the same time if you're not much into meditation), wash your face, apply skincare products.
      4. Recite affirmations.
      5. Visualize your day and how you accomplish tasks.
      6. Journaling (though I think this point better leave for the evening).
      7. Taking care of other MITs.
      Alright it turnes into a not-so-quick overview hah but you get it. If you wanna your mornings become more mindful and pleasing, you have to give this routine and the points above a try. You see, all these things are about the certain state of mind and preparing for the next day the night before.
    how to wake up earlier,, annofapril, aprilannnine
    Have a good day or night!

    Ann XOXO 


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    Why we often feel unmotivated

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    • Wednesday, 16 May 2018

    why we often get unmotivated,, annofapril, aprilannnine
    The title and this state of mind are pretty self-explanatory but there is not so simple with reasoning you know. But let's not drag this out and start with quite obvious causes (and their solutions) and then move on disguised ones.

    1. We neglect our rest in the evening after a busy day. Evidently almost all of us sin by putting proper night chilling on a backburner and working/studying until the sun goes down. And as you're beginning to see that's not a perfect behaviour for our mental health.
    Solution: Decide what time is enough to recharge your batteries within a day (an hour or two, or way more). And put your work aside every night and spend your time with your family or with yourself (what you much prefer) to live healthier life than before.
    2. We even can skip a weekend and don't wind down after a working week at all. Our brain produces a huge amount of energy every single day and like a powerful battery it should be recharged by shifting our focus on other activities or anti-activities.
    Solution: Never ever miss your weekend vegging out (if even it's possible to skip evening leisure in a working week, but on a weekend it's already improper) And besides you'll be rewarded with a decent bunch of ideas for the next week or even two if your rest was a success.
    3. We do the same things in the same ways every day. Daily routine can be pretty boring if you're not on the move on an almost daily basis.
    Solution: Change a bit your everyday routine, add something little but enjoyable, change your route to work/school/uni. Or from time to time practice so-called anti-routine (pamper sesh, yummy colourful food and so on).

    why we often get unmotivated,, annofapril, aprilannnine

    4. We don't change our everyday environment.
    Solution: The simpliest thing is to go for a walk, if you're often studying at the one certain place, go to the library or a quiet uncrowded cafe (however I've also heard that someone can study better in a busy place).
    5. We communicate with people who negatively affect on our mind, with people who don't believe in our inner strength and potential.
    Solution: That's simple, try to leave these people behind and stop connecting with them entirely. No matter who they are, if it has negative impact we all have to drop these relationships and start to aim high.

    6. We don't give special attention to our mindfulness, our mental and physical health.
    Solution: Journaling is the most affordable method to take care of our mental health. Home workouts (on your choice ofc) and clean eating (or according to your body requests) are the simpliest ways to look after our physical health. Good self-growth books are the most beneficial to maintain strong effective mindset.
    7. We don't do what we want or in that way in which we genuinely desire. The most difficult point to deal with from this list, I guess.
    Solution: Identify your sincere desires, your dreams, don't hide them from yourself  'cause only we  can do it by our own, nobody else. Identify your difinite chief aim by brainstorming (better with a good self-help book in the other hand), write it down and work for it every single day.

    And that's it I think these reasons and solutions which cover key issues with our inner world, not deep enough but still sufficient to improve the situation.

    Ann xoxo

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    May goals

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    • Thursday, 3 May 2018

    may goals,, annofapril, aprilannnine

    Hey there! I hope you're all doing well!
    This is my first post on Blogger (and my first blog, obviously). Yas, I've finally gotten to my own full-on blog and besides if you see this, I think you've definitely come from my Instagram account aprilannnine. If not, let me know below in comment section. While we are still at the beginning of this month it's not a sin to repeat and a bit expand my recent Instagram post about May goals. So if you're interested in this type of topic and seeking for some inspo, let's get on with it!

      may goals,, annofapril, aprilannnine
    1. Post on my blog at least one time a week. I've dreamed of it and should work on it now. I literally understand nothing in html so struggling is coming but I'm not gonna give up on that, you know. (So weird write more words in my post, I've shortened every caption on Instagram as it's possible but yeah I'm glad to be more talkative finally).
    1. Start every morning with a short cardio (a quick boost of metabolism which I so need now) and a glass of water (or two 'cause I'm loving water haha).
    2. Wake up earlier. I need additional 200 hours within a day to keep up with what I would like to accoplish but I have to start with a couple of precious hours in the morning when I can finish necessary things way quicker than if I'd put them on a waiting list for the evening.
    3. Meal-prep. I'm going to prep an overnight oatmeal for the morning at least (as I've mentioned in my Instagram post) but ideally I would like to cook for a few days well in advance but will see...
    4. Care about my skin thoroughly in PM and AM. The main goal is of course even tone and healthy skin. I'm testing some promising skincare products so going to write a post or two soon.
    5. Cardio or/strength training every evening (using own weight and resistance bands) + no carbs after this workouts/before sleep without any excuses 'cause I believe if you're not happy with your body (for many reasons), you should work on it.
    6. No shame for everything what I genuinely want to do. We all should follow desires of our authentic nature.
    7. Don't be so hard on myself even if I cannot nail something on the first try (html for exapmle).

    may goals,, annofapril, aprilannnine

    What good habits are you going to maintain this month?

    Stay tuned!

    Ann xoxo

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