Moodboard: summer vibes / ann of april

Moodboard: summer vibes

moodboard summer vibes, summer visual board

Today post is pure visual inspiration. I used to fill up my journal pages with colourful clippings from magazines when I was in high school and used to get inspired by visual boards which I saw on some of my fave blogs years ago. And while everyone is starting to forget about this type of posts and inspiration, I want to breathe life into moodboards again 'cause, girl, you know how it's important to picturing desirable things on a daily basis.

There are actually two moodboards which I've created today but you can never have too much inspiration! Btw you can follow my Pinterest for additional inspo and ideas. And yes, I'm going to make a series of moodboards on here so stay tuned!

moodboard summer vibes, summer visual board
pictures were found via Pinterest
moodboard summer vibes, summer visual board
via Pinterest too


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