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3 worthy podcast episodes about momentum and intuitive living

3 podcasts about momentum and intuitive living

If you've caught up on my latest blog post about self-love, you know, I'm pretty much into the theme of living in the moment, stop clinging to the past, do my best on the way to my goals and keep the momentum going. Momentum and intuition are my key relevant points for now which I cannot but touch on them. Recently I've come up with a conclusion that I'm actually clinging to my past mistakes during a day and nurturing fear of failures by clinging to the past and being anxious about my future at the same time.

So it's the perfect time to start overcoming doubts and fears with a new wave of energy while I'm consciously detecting them and it's the perfect time to start feeding positive environment instead of negative, upsetting and disheartening one. 

So here is one of the unique ways to create a new positive environment and it's listening to podcasts (if you like me haven't enough positive and supportive people around, podcast hosts can be a good substitute for your real environment in some ways) So here are 3 podcast episodes about momentum and intuition (our authentic inner voice). 

3 podcasts about momentum and intuitive living

Maintaining momentum. Myleik Teele’s podcast
About all these things how to stop living in the past, don't afraid of the future and start living in the present and maintaining momentum. Some practical steps you can find there. 

Don't let your expectations crush your momentum. Make it happen
Her podcasts are focused on creative entrepreneurs but I think it's pretty useful for everyone on here ‘cause we're all guilty of creation expectations of quick results. Yeah, I'm still in process of maintaining the patient and harmonious state of mind and keeping the momentum alive so podcasts are great for brushing up on. Besides her recent episodes are short so it won't be a tall order to listen to them. Easy peasy and valuable at the same time. You can listen to this episode right here. 

What I've learned from living + flowing intuitively for two years. The lively show 
The name of the episode is pretty self-explanatory, you see. Find there benefits of living intuitively. How it impacts on our mind and how it makes our life simpler. Podcasts can help our stubborn mind to tune in the right direction despite the years of living in an unconscious mode, we actually can change it in any time and one of the helpers is listening to podcasts. {This podcast episode is long and  chit chatty one so for quick information turn to first episodes above} Sometimes it demands to relisten to them to make things click (as it's usually happening with great books full of sobering truths) but it's definitely worth it.

Please, share with me your favourite podcast episodes below if you have some!

3 podcasts about momentum and intuitive living

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