Little mindset updates and takeaways from my last breakdown / ann of april

Little mindset updates and takeaways from my last breakdown

mindset updates after my last breakdown

For whose who often is on the dark side of own mind and struggling with depressive and panic periods: YOU CAN HANDLE IT ON YOUR OWN if your desire is strong enough, the desire to help yourself (if not, you're definitely in a need of a good doctor, I can't afford it so I've programmed my mind on self-healing ‘cause it's my personal circumstances). Someone says that's not a depression but why so many people aren't aware of own mind conditions which constantly hold them back from desirable things. That's exactly what I said, the difference is only in intensity of attacks and personal genetic predispositions.

The burning desire to get out of the deepest hole of frustration and depression can heal everything.

Some things have been reopened and reconsidered for me again, the things which I've already done and known back in the days but forgotten to revive and revise these simple truths from time to time. How ridiculous to know some things, experience them and suddenly forget!

It's time to gather any positive experience from the past for better and healthier living in the current. It's the only way to use the past for advancements. Remember the best moments of personal growth and gather them together to live the best life. And it's up to you (and me) whether you choose to hold on negative hard events and tough breakdowns or you decide to concentrate on amazing breakthroughs and further improvements. You choose and I choose too, every single day. There's no miserable fortune if we don't create it in our inner realm on our own.

I'm not talking about sudden and prompt physical changes or sudden improvements in my creative work and magical opportunities. I'm talking about these so important and significant improvements in my mindset which let me live better and healthier life than before.

After a couple of vague days, I looked at my life with a new point of view, however, I was close to it already before this breakdown but that's my bad habit (I think) to grow only through a bad experience, I mean through breakdowns, it's still a secret mechanism for me how to grow without any big drama...

I'm glad that I've found the power inside me to cope with this crisis on my own (except for a help of a good book which i've found just in time, in alignment with my inner situation). Time is a miraculous healer. I've given the necessary time myself to recharge my batteries, and my body, mind and soul have thanked me for that.

And I know that everyone can find this visceral power to overcome every obstacles (including inner ones), pangs of frustration and depression and even terrifying panic attacks. Everyone is able to find this power to be a warrior and then a master of own mind (working on that, that's a perpetual process) instead of being a victim. If we really want to help ourselves, we can do everything. The strong desire is the key.

I'm not going to write about my previous experiences with physical problems, about panic attacks or past experience with depression (as I wanted to write it on here a few days before) 'cause all these are in the dead past (remember my post, it's for me too as well). Yes, I was scared of these strong feelings of frustration and disheartening. I was and not wanting to feel it again in this intensity and not going to  concentrate on negativity.

I'm tired of being a victim of my fears, victim of circumstances. So I'm going to extract only positive things which help me grow right now. And everyone should concentrate on a good side of things and delete every bad events for the sake of mental health like you're a person without the past (without sad or disappointing past). Even if it sounds insane, this insanity is way better for you, you'll see that.

Why we go mad with miserable things, when we can go happily crazy with a  positive picture of desirable life and unwavering faith and decisive actions towards our dreams but still living and enjoying the present moment? You see, this is a thin border.

I choose to be a happy fool instead of miserable one (no matter what my stubborn mind said me "you've showed your weakness so be who you showed people, be cohesive in your showing and miserable being" but NO, I'm going to be a happy fool instead).

I can't effectively show and describe my personal experience, evidently 'cause it went through my mind (equal to my little world), everyone has to go through that by himself for own insights. Indeed, I don't say that this is my final stage of self-improvement, of course not. I'm not a blind dummy to claim that I've mastered my mind for a couple of days hah. Obviously, anxiety and hard feelings will come back to me (and very soon, if to be realistic and honest) but that's my choice, suffer from them or search effective ways to cope with them as quick as possible.  

If you feel you want to do something, start it now, it's the best time, you're ready if you know what you want! If you don't know, the best things are to come, just let your subconscious mind shows the things which touch and light up your soul. Trust you authentic self (not your fears) and go down your own path.

I have to admit that I'm afraid of certain things like a normal person but most of them are wrong expectations and assumptions which have led me to huge stresses and last breakdown particularly. But 

DOUBTS kill more dreams than failure ever will. 

So sad that this deep understanding does not always easily come. Fears and doubts are notoriously known as the main enemies of healthy and happy life. But for now I can tell you even if they're the main actual triggers of our breakdowns, panic attacks and depressive periods, we can fight and handle them by awareness and finding personally effective methods to calm ourselves down.

Another great thing is gratitude, I'd like to tell you. Honestly I've just fully realized that. How can I? But that's the real life-changing thing. I've started to notice at least 5 things a day I'm grateful for and that's such a relief for me. This huge stress created by my own mind makes me realize that's enough to take my life for granted. I want to start living the moment. Life is too short to suffer from own mind!

{I think, I will periodically share my mindset updates even further or at least inspiration on the way to better and healthier living.} So stay connected and I sincerely appreciate any your support! Thank you!


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