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Creative blocks and stagnation: how I deal with them

It's a shame that I've abandoned my blog for a long time but I wasn't feeling like I want to write on here and I was entirely engaging in learning how to film and edit videos, and improve the quality of content with gears (if it's possible) I've already had (and evidently still learning)…

But now I feel like I want to write :) So, after all, I've realized that my blog is my missing element and I need these three things to express (at least for now) myself creatively. They're an expression in creative actions and moving inspiration (my youtube channel), in still images ~ capturing little moments and my arts (my instagram account), and in words and stories (my blog). After this realization, I see that things started falling into the right places.

But I can say after several summer months of creative burnout and stagnation I've realized that I was doing all things wrong again. Authentic creative flow can't be forced, can be strictly planned (yeah, sometimes it can be, but it won't be effective and impressive). It's always the hardest part of life for people who want to tie own life with creative careers. And yes, it's hard to admit that ideas and realizations of them can't be continuous and unbothered but it is what it is. We often need some time to slow down and look at own work from outside, rest up for a bit finally. We need to stop trying too hard ‘cause all things which we're doing will smell like desperate sh*t. I don't know maybe someone can work on his projects and goals 24/7 like a well-made robot (can't call it authentic creative flow tho) but that's not about me and most of the people on the earth too, I guess.

So after several summer months of burnout, inner stagnation and creative blocks popping up of the woodwork and simultaneous struggling and fighting for my big goals and dreams I've realized

Big goals don't disappear if you slow down for a little while

Everyone needs proper rest after proper work (even after not so good work in your opinion everyone still needs some rest). Ofc it's cheesy obvious but not everyone able to rest rightly (gotta say I have problems with this too). They said good things take time. And I gladly believe in it. You don't disappear if you take some time for preparation and stop showing up for a little. We all need time to step aside from time to time, slow down and gather our energy for further big or small achievements.

Nobody can steal your success and desirable life

Everyone walk on own path. And even if you meet those mean people who'd like to steal something from you (physically or in form of opportunities) I believe that all good people (you and me) will receive another better opportunities ‘cause kind and advancing people can't be actually robbed. Advancing people can create own opportunities even if they're not visible at the first glance, even though the starting point isn't beneficial. Every person feels own growth differently, nobody can steal your growth and your feelings so don't block yourself from developing. And you have all your time to grow as you're able to grow in this life.

Create only what's really inspiring you

Not things which are popular now (it can be coincidental ofc but mainly we should do what we genuinely love). This is the only thing we should do, this is the only things which is important and it isn't selfishness. It's the real unfoldment of initial abilities which we must use in our life to the fullest.
people pleasing hides the real you
Don't believe what you see at the first glance

Many things on social media are kind of fake or very fabricated stuff you know (especially overpopular people and accounts)… it's not just a genuine creative platform. It's a business platform and huge marketing (cheating) playground which not everyone can recognize. I'm not talking about genuine collaboration with brands you love and honest people, I'm talking about cheeky marketing which pops up everywhere. So don't compare your achievements with these people, you haven't known their backgrounds (or partially have known so it's obviously all people have different initial opportunities and we can't know what they do for it. Maybe we're not ready to do those things ‘cause they can be not pleasant at all). But anyway we don't need to talk about that. Just don't let beautiful pictures confuse you, walk your own path.

Don't compare yourself with other's strong points

Of course, not everything and everyone is fake. And we often compare our weak points with strong well-developed (sometimes innate predispositions) trails of real people. It can be hard and I've often crushed into this struggle by myself. But there is the only way out and it is concentrating on your strong points and working on your weak ones if you need it (if you see them you probably really need to pay attention to them more often). Concentating on yourself, not on other people.

Don't watch, read and listen to things which raise your anxiety or increase the feeling of unworthiness

Or you feel like the person who preaching them doesn't have enough competence for that. (Guess somebody can feel like this about me and my posts but it's up to those people and it's normal)

If a person doesn't inspire you to live your best life and use own potential to the fullest or even make you anxious, erase these people from your life (and not only from online life). Don't believe everything you read and watch. It can't suit everybody or even be harmful to you. Everybody must listen to own head, own body and soul. Don't fall for trends and strangers' beliefs. Be relevant only to your real self.

Limit your social media time (for me Instagram is the most harmful)

If you feel you're ready to create something special, step away from social media and concentrate only on your creative process. Don't let disturb your creative flow by vibes of other people. It is amazing to get inspired by others' work in your leisure time, but when you're ready to work on own projects there should be no outside noise 'cause you gonna create something good on your own. Besides well-known fact that social media (especially Instagram) can raise your anxiety level and worsen the feeling of own unworthiness again (particularly when you can't succeed in your desirable field as quick as you see it on social media).

It's actually the truth, good things take time

And some of us need more time to achieve what they want to achieve in comparison of other quicker-succeded people (and I can relate to this too, nothing comes to me easily and I always put a lot of effort into my projects). But I also believe that success of slow-pacing people is more steady so I'm not striving for rapid overnight success, besides I want genuine relationships with my audience and want that someday I will able to chat with you as you're my real friends and we will openly have a conversation here and there (on any platform).

And finally sometimes it isn't stagnation it's just a period of waiting

Waiting the moment when you’ll be fully ready (even though it'll feel like you're ready) to step on your next stair of personal (and professional) growth isn't real stagnation. This is period for preparation your mind to make a leap. And this time always will come to you when it should come.

So little things but so significant for mental health and happy living.

How do you feel about that?

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