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Intentions for November


It's officially the New moon phase now (yes, I'm feeling slightly into these moony things hah) so it may be the perfect time to set new intentions for upcoming months.

It may sound quite silly but I've just recently realized that I've always tried to set goals for the month or week but it's not always an easy task and by the way not a pleasant activity for me at all ‘cause I always keep in my mind that fact that not everything depends on me and my actions. And if it's unpredictable in its core it can't be pleasant. And at the same time goals should be clear. Clarity is the most difficult part for me, besides goals in its common understanding aren't effective for me (uncertainty again) in case of planning or maybe I still haven't learned how to set them wisely. So I rather jot down little tasks than set big clear goals which actually make me anxious rather than inspire and motivate. As I've just realized I always have certain intentions in my head and the view of how I want to feel myself and who I am wanting to be. But setting goals ughhh. Anyway, I've realized that I've already set intentions instead of goals for quite long, just didn't understand that.

I would say setting intentions is an amazing replacement for setting goals 'cause these ones make me very anxious. Conversely, intentions resonate with my soul and cover my confusion about inefficiency and impossibility of some goals (similar to traditional new year resolutions like lose weight, read more and so on), calm me down and let me know that I am in the right place already now and I control the whole thing. No one can bother, steal or ruin my intentions like it can be with plans and goals. I'm living for feelings and little moments (wbu?), not for particular things or general achievements (of course, they are necessary but only for living your best life and using own potential with a help of these things, means and opportunities). Big accomplishments feel similar to small things (if even less) so we commonly don't celebrate these moments like they deserve and just go further for new achievements. So why we should put our energy into anxious things which we actually don't celebrate after hard work, when we able to live with ourselves with peace and contentment by setting intentions instead of goals.

Sorry, it was a pretty long introduction for this blog post but I've wanted to explain some things. Anyway here is what I'm all about today. My intentions for November, the last part of 2k18 and upcoming year too.

Yes, I always write about my productivity on here like I am crazy, literally from a post to post, but this time it seems I'm close to finding my ideal schedule for better productivity. And I can be productive already now. And keep up with desirable activities. No need to wait for special opportunities and circumstances. I know it'll take a lot more time that I think to settle this schedule down, and truth be told I'm feeling under the weather lately and very sleepy all the time but it's not the reason to give up on dreams and on maintaining desirable productivity level, right? We're mindful creatures so we can handle it.
No matter that I know my nature is inconsistent and controversial, and I often get bored easily and also can turn my life into a mess, I'm always trying to stick my plan. So it's a new cycle, a new freedom for my mind to get things done. Freedom of understanding that it's entirely up to me and I am actually able to do many things and in the short term too. I just have to plan smart and have a strong belief that I can.

As a common human, I don't know everything and even exactly what I need to know. I feel an urge to absorb more knowledge and be more resourceful to tackle everything I want to.. I objectively have fewer opportunities than many other people and creators too (especially in terms of money) so I have to be resourceful. I always write down sudden ideas... but for now, I intend to bring them into reality instead of only frequent jotting down. I want to soak any useful information about organizing own time depending on life I what to live, about setting intentions to live the life I what to live, about keeping of being in an authentic flow to live the life I what to live, about skills which help me live the life I what to live...

‘cause I'm tired of burnouts and being unmotivated without a reason (actually because of tiredness). And besides, I'm tired of feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed though it's often my fault too. Just need to stop myself in the right place when it needs to not lose my productive pace.

and don't expect overnight success and significant changes in my life in a day. A life in a big hurry mess up all these little moments we live for. And it's obvious that people around don't know what's going on in my head how I'm growing, what I'm intending and how strong is my desire to advance... And it's completely normal I know. I should show it up instead of thinking that people should love my work already before I create something good and consistent. I have to create every single day to advance and only then people may notice me my work. Nothing comes easily and I'm used to it. I intend to cultivate the patience of a saint and just slowly go for desirable things, state of mind and so on. I intend to see a slow growth still as a growth (not a stagnation).

something beautiful instead of anxiety, fears, self-doubts and impatience. These all drain my vital energy but I have to consciously put all my power into a creative cycle to move forward and live healthily.

I often neglect my physical and mental health in the pursuit of quick (or long distant) results and achievements (or desirable life/work conditions). And evidently, it impacts my productivity very badly which I don't wish to impact. And have to admit it's very hard to find the balance and probably all my life is about searching this balance but I want to try, I intend to try it  a g a i n.

Probably these things sound like common New year resolutions but I put into these words different mood. When you intend it's far more likely that you get things done, rather than just you just would like to. I know that it's kind of random post, no one need to read intentions of a stranger but probably it reminds you that intentions are more important and healthier for our mind than big distant goals (which we ought to keep in mind but not fanatically, of course). We're expected to live now and enjoy and fulfil current place and activities (like I am enjoying finishing this blog post).
What do you think about all this?

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