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Goals 2019

New Year goals 2019

It's never too late to check out your previous year goals and set the new ones. But actually I'd like to call them as my new year intentions ‘cause goals should be clear and sometimes strict (and stressful to achieve), and I feel like strict numbers aren't my purpose. I'm a person of feelings so my priority is intentions and how I want to feel this year.

I don't know, guys, how about you, but I like reading blogposts about yearly/monthly goals from time to time. It's like a light kick to start thinking about own ones.  

Since I've set only personal goals for 2018 (and won't share it on here, though there were a couple of completed goals like to create my own blog (in May 2018) and youtube channel in September) I'd like to start with my ‘official’ 2019 intentions right here.

Stop identifying myself with external sources and being too hard on myself

1. Stop identifying myself with numbers on my social media (likes, views, followers etc.). Sometimes it's just too frustrating and embarrassing, especially when you compare yourself with a person who gains everything way easier than you in short time. But as I felt it all and quite intensively I've realized that it's absolutely unworthy. Life is for happiness and mindfulness, not for frustration. And besides, these numbers has nothing in common with my authentic self so it shouldn't identify me, and even frustrate and torture me (and anyone else, it's a false sense to measure everything in our life by numbers but we usually do it, of course)

2. Stop identifying myself with the image of myself I created in my mind, the image I think I should and want to look like in other eyes. It doesn't compare to every opinion about me ('cause all people live in own worlds and have opinions from own perspectives) so why should I try to suggest how I look through others eyes. And try to not look like a loser, for example, when I think I am, and try to held my head high when it's not actually my mental state. It's just absolutely ineffective and unpredictable.

Freedom from own boundaries really opens the way to another side of the river where you're able to be happy and content where you're now (even be aware of contract between, and still desire for more but in subtle ways).

I've often beaten myself up literally for everything the previous year (for the fact that I didn't keep up to complete and achieve what I expected from myself, for the fact that I often surrendered to my fears and self-doubts) but I've decided to stop it. We always say that our intention is to not compare ourselves with others, for example, when we want to grow in personal and professional ways. But the easiest way to stop this comparison is to stop identifying yourself with external sources and even own body. Your inner being can live without it. So do you. And me.

This year I'm not going to be hard on myself in case of desirable habits too, I'm sure all desirable habits can be easily cultivated when I really let them go and start enjoy life where it is.

New Year goals 2019

Be consistent with my social media accounts

I'd like to keep to myself what exact amount of posts and videos I'd like to share a week this year (and numbers don't really matter, the process does matter) and certain online productivity for 2019 but I definitely can say that I want to be more productive and consistent than the previous year. It's hard to admit but I've wasted majority of my 2018 (especially starting from the middle of the year) on bad mood, self-doubts, self-sabotage and frustration (that's why I couldn't achieve desirable things in this state of mind). But my life is only my life and nobody can change it for me. So my preference is the next

Focus on positive pleasant side of life

Focusing on unpleasant things, problems, unlucky circumstances causes only appearing even more unpleasant things in our life so there's no way to concentrate on problems instead of dreams, goals, pleasant activities in 2019.

After the year full of suffering from own mind I've realized that I went too far with my self-sabotaging and self-flagellation. So I've stopped. This. And. Left. It. In. My. Previous. Year. But I don't mind to reflect for a little while even now (‘cause it doesn't touch me anymore) for own sake and probably for helping you somehow but a bit later about it this month. {This theme is eternal and not going anywhere so I have plenty of time to focus a couple of my blogposts on it in the nearest future.}

Everyone knows that life most of the time is how we look at it. Sometimes it's just hard to find inner power to break through this mindset. I don't know is it the real problem (my depressive symptoms and paralyzing anxiety) or just a strong disconnection with own inner being but I know for sure that when the hardest time has gone there is always peace within you which most of us are so longing.

Allow time to rest up properly every night

Another thing I know for sure is a good everyday rest at night (before sleep to be precise) can help me (and you) to keep our  mind positive. I know it from own experience, and it's elementary but we always forget about it.

The most crucial mistake of the year (and my life in general) is to continue working/studying  until the time I go to bed or even pull an all nighter! It doesn't allow my mind to tune in productive vibes for the next day ‘cause I haven't restored my energy and not freed up space for new tasks at all. You go to bed tired and overwhelmed so you wake up the same tired and overwhelmed (or just don't want to get out of your bed at all). The miracle of a good night rest never happens if we don't rest on previous night before actual sleep and don't go to bed in positive state of mind (which is impossible when you're too tired).

Always listen to my intuition

In every small aspects, just be in tune with own inner self. I believe own mind (most undiscovered parts) is the most powerful and wise advisor since you've broken through the skin of your ego (identity). Ohh guys, my egoic skin was pretty tough (and I still not sure if I've got to desirable awareness and mindset already, probably not at all).

There were lots of down time in my 2018. But now I believe that it was the important part of growing, mostly growing of self-awareness. And now I know that I should seek out contentment and possible satisfaction in creative process (it's personal for me, of course, and you have your own life priority), not in results, numbers, destinations etc. There is a lot more peace in these moments when you're fully devoting yourself to the present activities. Just try to hear your actual inner voice, not the voice of your identity.

When you live in huge contrast with other people (money, opportunities, help from different sources, relationships etc.) you realize that you can rely only on yourself and your mindset (which have to be positive to make actual changes in life), angd you must have a huge inner power to push through your life obstacles and see them as lessons, not as stop points. So wish you (and me to be honest) have this inner power to push through all unlucky circumstances and don't give up on your dreams this year too. If you have high aims, you deserve them and can go for them!

Have a happy and peaceful New Year!


New Year goals 2019

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