Misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction & emotional guidance scale / ann of april

Misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction & emotional guidance scale

Misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction & emotional guidance scale

I'll be honest with you, I was sceptical about all things related the Law of Attraction in case of eternal positivity and so on not so much time ago until I sank into the darkness of depression and apathy at the end of 2018 and lost my sparkle completely. So I was in need to find the source of help out there to start helping myself inside. Have to admit I've read a good bunch of self-help books before, and most of them exactly about the Law of attraction (points of views of different authors of New thought philosophy). But in the end, I was disappointed by this philosophy, so I put aside these books and began to live as I was accustomed to. But the point of necessary changes happens again, so I dived into understanding and learning of this approach to life a bit deeper.

Yes, this collocation sounds pretty cheesy nowadays after a million times chewing on this theme on all social media. But there are hidden insights and ideas which are helpful and practical for everyday usage (not just a beautiful philosophy and pompous words) which have to be shown and discussed. I saw many people who talk about this “law” when they're feeling super inspired and kind of 'above the others' but there's another side of this philosophy which can be used in different mental situations. I'm sure there are lots of supporters and opponents of this philosophy on here and probably you'd like to debate about. And I'm ready to discuss because I have experience and know if I've not achieved something it's only because I was in resistance and self-sabotaging all the time. I'm here for those who're seeking help in this attitude to life and resonating with these thoughts and ideas and. When you're not ok, you can find the help in this philosophy, it's not only for forever exhilarated creatures. Besides I have to admit that exactly New thought philosophy (not in fanatic ways) allows me to start doing what I was even afraid of thinking and visualizing.

It's about how you want to feel, not about the attraction of money and items you want (how it always seems at first glance). But again it's always how you see this concept, and how strong do you want to see something meaningful in there.

Misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction & emotional guidance scale annofapril

The main misunderstanding of this philosophy is thinking that you must not feel bad (should be all-time positive, and hence a fake person in our perception). But that's not the true understanding of the main idea, it isn't about it! It's about a self-help and understanding that you can guide your thoughts and emotions to feel better. And you're actually able to start feeling better wherever you're now and whenever you want to start feeling better. You (and I) don't have to stop all negative thoughts once and for all. It's impossible. We just need to be more conscious of our thoughts and "offer more deliberate thoughts" aligning to our inner source. And that's not about fake positivity.

But let's just get to the point.

Emotional guidance scale. The term I've found in a good and practical (yes, it is 'cause there are a bunch of useful exercises which can help you to get back to the alignment again, to be precise 22 exercises) book by Abraham Hicks (Esther and Jerry Hicks). What's the usefulness of the understanding this collocation. It's easiest you can do on the way to feeling better.

There's the scale itself (pg. 114)

Misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction & emotional guidance scale annofapril

You can see there is a pretty big range of emotions, and we can experience them on daily basis but the key thing here is we can acknowledge these emotions and guide the course of our thoughts into the direction of our dreams. When we feel bad, depressive, apathetic, we're not in alignment with our inner beings, so we're not in alignment with our authentic desires (dreams). When we feel good, inspired, optimistic and so on, we're in alignment with our dreams and all circumstances work out for us. We allow them to come. Of course, there are various intensity and tones of these emotional set-points, but in general, we understand that this scale is fairly accurate, isn't it?

"Your emotions are absolute indicators of your vibrational content. Therefore, they are the perfect reflection of your current point of attraction. They help you know, in any moment, whether or not you are currently allowing the fulfillment of your desire."
Abraham Hicks
Misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction & emotional guidance scale annofapril

What can we do? Be conscious about our mood, our current emotions, our emotional set-points as often during the day as possible. Know that we can get back to the alignment with ourselves by being conscious of our emotions. I feel better when I deliberately notice my mood during the day and if it's not positive at all, I ask myself why I'm not in the alignment with my authenticity and dreams now. And is there the real problem or can I do something to start feeling aligning again? Or I just should shift my attention from bad (lack of something, unfortunate events, fears e.g.) if it's an insignificant or irrational thing as a whole (or significant but there's nothing I can do for now or at all) to the practice of gratitude, for example. We need to exercise our minds as we exercise our bodies, and there are some ways to do that. And I want to share them on my blog too a bit later (my precious finds from great self-help books).

It's all getting simpler and easier when we understand our emotions and their direct connections with the point of attraction and manifestation of our dreams. When we feel bad, we resist, we do not allow good things (ideas, help and so on) to come. In the bottom of our heart, we all want to feel good and want our dreams to come into fruition! So we should start with awareness of our emotions. It's constant work on your mind and there are no shortcuts, and noticing emotions is just the beginning but it's already a meaningful start on the way of a better and healthier life. As we realize that our emotions are "valuable indicators" we will come into the understanding as long as we stay on the bottom of your emotional scale as far we go away from our dreams and disallow them to come true. Emotions are a reflection of our dominant thoughts. It's important to not make a drama, don't exaggerate and don't get into the vicious circle of negative thoughts 'cause there's no way to your dreams. And oh I know how hard it can be.

Besides emotions are perfect indicators which show us that we concentrate on what we don't want, instead of concentrating on the true desire of our inner being. And first of all the desire is FEELING GOOD. And it's not about fake positivity, but I'm sure you understand it without this amount of words I've just written here.

Misunderstanding of the Law of Attraction & emotional guidance scale annofapril

You, indeed, remember when your negative thoughts constantly went in circles (as a reaction to a bad situation, for example), they attracted other bad circumstances, so you faced other undesirable situations. That the real reason for the majority of unfortunate and undesirable events, I believe. And mostly we by yourselves let them happen by constant concentrating on the negative unwanted side of life. If your thoughts are all about the dark side of your life so it is your point of attraction, the unwanted point of attraction I would say, for sure. Redirect your thoughts and you redirect your vibration toward desirable things. The little but significant reminder which we have to keep in minds when we fall into negative loops. Do you remember when you stopped and redirected your mind, and chose the better-feeling thoughts, you found relief and sometimes a decision of problem or just everything simply started falling into own place?

"When emotions feel good - whether they are strong or weak - you are allowing the fulfillment of your desire."
Abraham Hicks

You see that it's enough to feel ok to walk in the direction of your desire step by step. We don't have to be an exhilarated psycho to move forward desirable things and feelings. Just be ok. We just need to work on it one day at a time, and that's enough. And it will slowly move us in the desired direction. "Replenish your connection by choosing better-feeling thoughts" (Abraham Hicks). You see the difference between the approaches "try hard to be positive all the time - follow your bliss" (or another approach "be not good as long as you can 'cause you're free to feel everything you can feel", and it can prolong forever, I know it on my own) and this more deliberate and neutral approach. Just better-feeling thoughts. Anyway, you can't trick the vibrational point of attraction by a happy face. And manifestations won't pop up immediately but you'll be able to do things you couldn't do under negative emotions.

And yes, that's kind of impossible to jump from depression to joy and empowerment at once, however, there's the path through "negative" emotions to positive, and anger can be a good sign 'cause your organism pulls you from your depression and desperation by a fit of temper. Yes, you read it correctly. If you start to see anger as an attempt to get out of blue, we start to treat own and others' anger differently. You get the necessary energy for passing other steps to start feeling good. "Right now I am going to find the best-feeling thought that I can. I am going to reach for more relief, more relief, more relief." When you aren't in a positive state of mind, the attitude to thoughts according to the Law of attraction can help you to pull yourself from a powerless or destructive state of mind. "Rage gives you a feeling of relief from depression, grief, despair, fear, guilt, or powerlessness. Revenge gives you a feeling of relief from rage. Anger gives you a feeling of relief from revenge." and so on (other chains of relief you can find in the book itself). Gradually getting better one pace at a time. And that what the Law of attraction is about.

Note: I write this blog post for myself in the first place to build on what has been learned and recollected. And hope it can be helpful for you too.

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