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About me

Hey guys! I am Ann (from my main account aprilannnine on Instagram) Welcome to my cosy nook! I'm a passionate (amateur) photographer and artist behind my shop aprilannarts on Etsy (aprilannarts on Instagram) with a strong desire to grow professionally and I'm also in love with writing, especially about self-help and personal growth themes (and sometimes about beauty and lifestyle stuff) on my blog and mostly about bullet journaling and art on Instagram. Seeing myself as a dedicated and enthusiastic seeker of the ideal formula for the most authentic, healthy and productive, mindful and harmonious life. Dream of inspiring and empowering other people to live their best life.
Mostly concern about mental health (and indeed physical health as a reflection of mental state) and about applying the potential of my inner being to the fullest. Advocate for snuggliest life against any odds and feel content in capturing cosy moments of life accompanied by a decent cup of tea or cocoa.

A little bit of a backstory for this...

I set this blog in April 2018 but actually dreamed of my personal blog for a long time before and read other blogs for a while.
As a child I loved writing in my numerous diaries everything that worried and excited me (as I do now too, truth be told, but less often as before however I journal during my mindful morning routine for a little, and often write down lots of messy notes about sudden ideas) and I always wanted to have my own magazine and be there a photographer, writer, creative director, chief editor concurrently (little dummy, how I can be responsible for it all at once?). But here I am, a writer, a photographer, a creative director and a chief editor and an artist all rolled into one the only thing, it's not a magazine haha besides, I think that blogging is a way more relaxed and accessible way of self-expression than the press, isn't it?

I'm constantly learning, reading and discovering something new and helpful for me (thanks to amazing authors for their brilliant books) and hope that it can be useful for you too, my lovely reader <3... And you know, I'm still a naive amateur in many things, but there's no limit to perfection and there's always room for improvement, right?

Have a great day! xx

My Youtube channel: aprilannarts
My Etsy shop: aprilannarts (downloadable prints, printable stickers and calendars)

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