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May goals

may goals,, annofapril, aprilannnine

Hey there! I hope you're all doing well!
This is my first post on Blogger (and my first blog, obviously). Yas, I've finally gotten to my own full-on blog and besides if you see this, I think you've definitely come from my Instagram account aprilannnine. If not, let me know below in comment section. While we are still at the beginning of this month it's not a sin to repeat and a bit expand my recent Instagram post about May goals. So if you're interested in this type of topic and seeking for some inspo, let's get on with it!

    may goals,, annofapril, aprilannnine
  1. Post on my blog at least one time a week. I've dreamed of it and should work on it now. I literally understand nothing in html so struggling is coming but I'm not gonna give up on that, you know. (So weird write more words in my post, I've shortened every caption on Instagram as it's possible but yeah I'm glad to be more talkative finally).
  1. Start every morning with a short cardio (a quick boost of metabolism which I so need now) and a glass of water (or two 'cause I'm loving water haha).
  2. Wake up earlier. I need additional 200 hours within a day to keep up with what I would like to accoplish but I have to start with a couple of precious hours in the morning when I can finish necessary things way quicker than if I'd put them on a waiting list for the evening.
  3. Meal-prep. I'm going to prep an overnight oatmeal for the morning at least (as I've mentioned in my Instagram post) but ideally I would like to cook for a few days well in advance but will see...
  4. Care about my skin thoroughly in PM and AM. The main goal is of course even tone and healthy skin. I'm testing some promising skincare products so going to write a post or two soon.
  5. Cardio or/strength training every evening (using own weight and resistance bands) + no carbs after this workouts/before sleep without any excuses 'cause I believe if you're not happy with your body (for many reasons), you should work on it.
  6. No shame for everything what I genuinely want to do. We all should follow desires of our authentic nature.
  7. Don't be so hard on myself even if I cannot nail something on the first try (html for exapmle).

may goals,, annofapril, aprilannnine

What good habits are you going to maintain this month?

Stay tuned!

Ann xoxo

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