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Why we often feel unmotivated

why we often get unmotivated, annofapril.com, annofapril, aprilannnine
The title and this state of mind are pretty self-explanatory but there is not so simple with reasoning you know. But let's not drag this out and start with quite obvious causes (and their solutions) and then move on disguised ones.

1. We neglect our rest in the evening after a busy day. Evidently almost all of us sin by putting proper night chilling on a backburner and working/studying until the sun goes down. And as you're beginning to see that's not a perfect behaviour for our mental health.
Solution: Decide what time is enough to recharge your batteries within a day (an hour or two, or way more). And put your work aside every night and spend your time with your family or with yourself (what you much prefer) to live healthier life than before.
2. We even can skip a weekend and don't wind down after a working week at all. Our brain produces a huge amount of energy every single day and like a powerful battery it should be recharged by shifting our focus on other activities or anti-activities.
Solution: Never ever miss your weekend vegging out (if even it's possible to skip evening leisure in a working week, but on a weekend it's already improper) And besides you'll be rewarded with a decent bunch of ideas for the next week or even two if your rest was a success.
3. We do the same things in the same ways every day. Daily routine can be pretty boring if you're not on the move on an almost daily basis.
Solution: Change a bit your everyday routine, add something little but enjoyable, change your route to work/school/uni. Or from time to time practice so-called anti-routine (pamper sesh, yummy colourful food and so on).

why we often get unmotivated, annofapril.com, annofapril, aprilannnine

4. We don't change our everyday environment.
Solution: The simpliest thing is to go for a walk, if you're often studying at the one certain place, go to the library or a quiet uncrowded cafe (however I've also heard that someone can study better in a busy place).
5. We communicate with people who negatively affect on our mind, with people who don't believe in our inner strength and potential.
Solution: That's simple, try to leave these people behind and stop connecting with them entirely. No matter who they are, if it has negative impact we all have to drop these relationships and start to aim high.

6. We don't give special attention to our mindfulness, our mental and physical health.
Solution: Journaling is the most affordable method to take care of our mental health. Home workouts (on your choice ofc) and clean eating (or according to your body requests) are the simpliest ways to look after our physical health. Good self-growth books are the most beneficial to maintain strong effective mindset.
7. We don't do what we want or in that way in which we genuinely desire. The most difficult point to deal with from this list, I guess.
Solution: Identify your sincere desires, your dreams, don't hide them from yourself  'cause only we  can do it by our own, nobody else. Identify your difinite chief aim by brainstorming (better with a good self-help book in the other hand), write it down and work for it every single day.

And that's it I think these reasons and solutions which cover key issues with our inner world, not deep enough but still sufficient to improve the situation.

Ann xoxo

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