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June goals

June goals, annofapril.com, annofapril, aprilannnine, summer goals

Summer isn't an excuse for sloth and idleness. I have a strong belief this season can be used for improving necessary skills and maintaining desirable habits and character traits in better way than in any other seasons 'cause sun is back (almost ha), vitamins are back, winter blues goes away (hi there dwellers of the Northern hemisphere). In previous post I've written about 10 desired qualities which I want to develop before my 25 but today I'm leaving here my June goals. They're more humble but still significant regarding gradual progress in the future.

June goals, annofapril.com, annofapril, aprilannnine, summer goals

I've coped with almost every goals from my May list except fot meal-prep and early rising but I have to admit I eat way more healthier even without meal-preping; still can't wake up at 5:30 'cause tiredness after evening workouts and limitations of carbs but I almost maintain the ideal morning routine for myself and I'm happy with it for now. Of course, I still want to wake up earlier to be on time with everything I need but it's already not so bad as before, I think (at least it was much worse than now hah). I love reading others' monthly goals (but lately have no time for that) and love setting my own so here are my 10 goals for this month.

1. Storytelling. As a not native English speaker I have a strong urge and desire of developing this skill which, obviously, may improve my content quality. It seems hard to get me talking in real life (as a proof of my introversion) and I see writing posts more enjoyable for me, besides I always wrote in numerous diaries my thoughts (as I've already mentioned) but they were not in Eng, evidently. As I said I'm not talkative in real life, mostly I think or read something to think about ideas from a book later on hah so write long but laconic posts isn't easy for me but I have a strong desire to learn.
2. Change my photo editing. Lately I've got a bit unset with my current editing. My camera is cheap and I have no opportunity to upgrade my shooting gear so I need to change something in my editing routine. Rainy weather all month long is hard for me as a photographer and human but I have to find way through this obstacle.
3. Write and shoot even more everything I'm passionate about and inspired by. And again I've got unhappy with what I'm doing. My content is still not exactly what I want to share with this world, that's still not my complete creative expression.

June goals, annofapril.com, annofapril, aprilannnine, summer goals

4. Plan smarter. I have to and want to tick off all my daily tasks, not just a half of them. And besides plan and create my content thoroughly and efficiently without affecting the frequency of my posts (on both Instagram and blog 'cause I've dreamed of it). I have to find smart and effective method to fight procratination even if I'm tired, maybe some mental anchors idk...
5. Start listening to podcasts and watch specialized videos to improve desirable skills and personality traits. I'm talking about that a lot but that's in what I'm genuinely interested. Yeah it seems there's no time for podcasts and videos but I want to add them to my daily self-growth routine 'cause I feel a necessity of additional information and knowledge in my line of work.
6. Use chunking technique on a daily basis. This method may helps a lot with accomplishing daily tasks, the main thing is to use it smart. Time is precious and I still learn to use it effectively. But if we truely want something, we can move mountains, right?
7. Be patient and persistent in everything I do. Never lose control over my emotions and thoughts. I used to have a lot of issues with overcoming stresses (stress eating, picking on my skin, stratching my head, lose control over my emotions, cry every single day brrr). But for now I'm a master my mind, at least, I'm going to be that master.
8. Take care of my health. SERIOUSLY. I've had some issues with my health conditon currently so I have to start think how I can cover my lack of vitamins and sunlight etc. And of course, I've already ordered some food supplements to fix this situation 'cause it's getting serious.
9.  Learn to pose on camera naturally. Usually I feel awkward and shy on camera, especially in outdoors but still have a strong desire to be a model on my blog and instagram, not only photographer. That's my the biggest dream.
10. Stop complaining and comparing my achievements to others' ones. Stop self-pity and whining about having no opportunities. Yes, that's happening, everyone has different financial situation but this is only my responsibility to create my own opportunities.

What are your June goals, if I may ask? Have you had a desire to change something in your life?


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