Plans for the future, upcoming changes, February intentions | Plan with me video / ann of april

Plans for the future, upcoming changes, February intentions | Plan with me video

I rarely write about my plans online because announcing your plans is quite tricky in any case, you know. And there's always the feeling that I won't finish or accomplish them and they'll turn out just empty words. But in case of process (bujo and journaling in general), I can freely say about my plans 'cause I can't imagine my life without these things. Bullet journaling and journaling itself will be always relevant for me and for my fussing and buzzing mind. If you're an introvert, dreamer and lover of creative activities like me, you understand what I mean. Evidently, if I don't have a journal at my fingertips, I always jot down my thoughts in the notes app on my phone 'cause the feeling of forgetting something important is unbearable for me hah Are you same?
So future plans... there's actually the only one thing I want to change, and that's my approach to bullet journaling, and I want to mix up my planning pages with some types of journaling (recording moments of mindfulness like daily gratitude and capturing random memories, for example). Though I'm going to film PLAN WITH ME series for my youtube channel further and in the same manner as before (though probably I will partially fill up my monthly spreads with you too 'cause series calls  'Plan with me', right? But will see). So I want to change my common approach to making weekly spreads 'cause currently, that's not relevant to my inner feelings about all these journaling things, but I don't want to use many notebooks for different purposes too. Firstly, I have not enough diligence to keep up with several journals. Secondly, I have a little room on my desk and around the area. Thirdly, I want to keep all in one place as the chronicle of my life or something 'cause I have a quite bad memory, especially in case of my personal achievements and good events.
"Nothing happens unless something is moved"
Albert Einstein
And for now, I want to try making my weekly spreads a bit differently. The previous approach already has become a habit but it no longer serves me. Besides I've asked you on my Story what's more inspiring for you and the majority of you prefer filled up pages. So do I for now :) However, I respect any other opinions. Of course, that's not significant changes on a big scale but that's better to live for own health and improvement than imagine that you can save the world from your cold rented flat lol it can create unnecessary pressure. So I prefer fiddling with my insignificant activities.
Also I'd like to share more art related posts and videos ('cause the truth I've hidden from myself just have been discovered) but I'm still struggling with creative blocks and pressure I've put on myself during the years so it'll take time to reveal itself gradually (I know that no one wants to wait, especially in the time of fast clicks and swipes, but I can't force it). What's the truth? The truth that I was resisting to draw and be creative how I can and love to be for many years (before I started taking my social media platforms seriously) and the truth that creativity is one of the most powerful healers for me. So my dream is to create deliberately and freely.

Let me know what do you plan for this month? <3

Also, I'd like to leave my February intentions here too (already as a little tradition around the 7th day of the month, not intentionally though)

PS I've never tried to insert a video in my blog posts for half-year writing on here so today is the day to try something new :))



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